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The following policies and procedures shall be implemented to provide a healthy environment for our employees and customers. Quinte Hills Golf Course wants to be a part of your overall health routine and we will all need to adhere to the following changes at this time:


  • Stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID 19 (fever, cough, aches) or if you have travelled in the past 14 days

  • Maintain physical distancing at all times - 2 metres

  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes. Cough or sneeze into your elbow

  • Wash hands thoroughly and often.

  • Course shall have a limited number of staff working on site.


  • Please arrive at the course no earlier than 20 minutes before the scheduled tee time.

  • Park as per normal but avoid parking beside an active loading/unloading situation. If unavoidable, remain in your car until adjacent activity is completed.

  • Bring along sanitizer or a towel.


  • Call the Clubhouse in advance to book a tee time. Have your credit card ready when you call. You will be asked to pay in full at time of booking.

  • Please order a sandwich, chips, etc. at time of booking. Curbside pickup for these items will be available when you arrive.

  • Guests will be served from the Caddyshack next to the clubhouse.

  • Please use the hand sanitizer provided once you arrive.

  • If multiple golfers arrive at once, please form a line 2 metres apart. 

  • Washrooms inside the Clubhouse are open, please ask the Clubhouse Attendant to use them.

  • Clubhouse seating is open, subject to provincial legislation.

  • Patio seating is open, subject to Provincial legislation.

  • Increased cleaning will be provided in the Clubhouse.

  • Tee time intervals have been increased to 10 minutes.

  • No club rentals at this time.


  • Power carts with dividers are provided if you are not in the same social circle.

  • Two people from the same household can be in the same cart. Proof of residency may be required.

  • Scorecards and pencils will be in the cart. Please take them with you when you leave the course.

  • Pull carts and power carts will be sanitized by the golf course staff prior to each use.

  • Increased cleaning will be provided on the golf carts and pull carts.

  • Upon finishing your round, park your golf cart at the side of the building and leave the key in it. 


  • Safety first! Maintain 2 metres (2 club lengths) of distance at all times.

  • No handshakes, high fives or other contact.

  • No rakes will be provided in the bunkers. Please do your best to use a club in your bag to smooth/rake the bunker.

  • All ball washers will be removed from the course. Bring sanitizer along to clean your balls if necessary.

  • All garbage cans will be removed from the course.

  • Flags/pins will be left in the hole. Please do not touch or remove the flags.

  • Foam inserts have been placed inside the holes to allow for contactless ball retrieval.

  • All on course washrooms are CLOSED.

  • All outside alcohol is prohibited and shall IMMEDIATELY be removed by the staff and you will be banned from the Course.


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